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How can be more confident in bed ?

10 Easy Ways to Boost Your Sexual Confidence

Do you feel anxious or insecure when talking about sexual confidence? What is your expression in your daily life and sex life?

For a long time, the topic of sex may be taboo and cannot be expressed directly and openly. Maybe it’s a lack of self-confidence, maybe it’s the environmental or cultural influence that keeps you from speaking out.

But lack of sexual self-confidence does not mean you have a problem. Whether it is because you have had an unpleasant experience before, did not meet the right person, or cultural and family environment differences. However, it is important to build your sexual confidence, and lendgogo will help you get rid of these negative thinking patterns, build your sexual confidence and start a new sexual life.

1.Re-recognize yourself with a positive attitude

Life is a gift, we are all unique individuals, and all bodies are beautiful. Learn to re-recognize your body, carefully observe the beautiful parts of yourself, and learn to speak to yourself. I am me, be myself is enough and I’ve got this. I can see the most beautiful side of me only if my attitude is up and my self-confidence is sufficient or objectively admit my shortcomings and say it’s okay, that is me.

2.Get to know more about what turns you on

First, build a relationship with yourself by relearning what feels good and safe to you and what your sexual preferences are. Then start to explore your own body, the more you realize what turns you on and what doesn’t, the more confident you may feel to be able to communicate about it to your partner.

3.Communication is key

It’s an extraordinary thing to meet someone who you can bare your soul to. He/She’ll accept you for what you are. So talking about what you want from your sexual relationship can help consolidate your understanding of your boundaries, possible shame, and kinks that may feel safe and comfortable when doing with your partner. And being accepting of your partner will make him or her feel special and appreciated.


Studies have shown that if couples can use laughs and smiles to ease the atmosphere when discussing sensitive topics, then both parties can better accept outspoken opinions and are more satisfied with their relationship. Laughing with your partner about what goes sideways can relieve tension, keep the focus positive, and make both people feel more closer.

5.Play some music

Music can play a very active role in our daily lives. Playing to music is an important part of art therapy, and more and more studies have reached a consistent conclusion that music can help relieve stress and anxiety. If you are always emotional and sensitive, playing music is a good way to relax, which makes our body in a quieter and more energetic state.

6.Work out

Stay physically active. To get enough energy, only through daily exercise. Regular exercise can improve endurance and explosive power, thereby improving the quality of sex. The reason is that active exercise can improve sex endurance and promote blood circulation.

7.For pleasure but not performance

Too much worry that your performance in bed will ruin your “feeling of sexual well-being.” Dr. Valeria Juba pointed out that :

many marriages or relationships ended because of too much emphasis on the result. Compared with focusing on performance, the feeling of focusing on sex will make men and women full of strength and confidence.

8.Other ways to increase self-confidence

Masturbation can help men better understand how to make themselves sexually satisfied. Applying self-explored knowledge to the practice of sex life can not only enhance self-confidence but also give him a deeper appreciation of the various enjoyable sensations of sex, rather than obsessing over orgasm.

9.Sex Toys Can Make You Feel More Confident

Go to an adult product store together, or if you are concerned about privacy, you can choose an adult product online store. Select the sex products and DVDs you want to try. Let the other party choose the gadgets they like.
After going home, take turns to try on each other. You can update frequently, or just use the other party’s sex toys to please him/her. But when it comes to upping your sexual confidence, they can make a real difference.

10.Learn to observe each other’s routines and habits

By listening to what they like and observing their responses, you both can develop routines and habits that’ll safely enhance the sexual experience for both of you. Remember to be patient with yourself and your partner. By listening to what they like and observing their responses, you both can develop routines and habits that’ll safely enhance the sexual experience for both of you.

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