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10 Foreplay Tips to Make Sex Better

There are many ways to make a relationship close, and foreplay is one of them.

If you want to have a high-quality sex life, then great foreplay tips and position is an indispensable part. Good foreplay is a prelude to sex life. Just like foreplay matters for men, women also need a bit of foreplay to excite them now and then you could take your time to get both your partner and yourself in the mood. 

Learn to get him to desire your body, appreciate you, and feel lucky to have you with these foreplay tips. Lendgogo provides you with some foreplay tips to drive your partner crazy.

1.Give an erotic foreplay massage.

Sometimes the best form of foreplay is as simple as relaxing. 
Prior to even touching them, you’ll want to set the mood with lighting and music (we recommend soft lighting), and then go ahead and whip out the massage oil. Give her a massage on her shoulders, then stroke her chest with your hand while nibbling on her ears. 

2.Ask her what she loves.

Boldly and directly ask the partner what she wants during sex. Dr. Barbara Batrick, Professor of Gender Studies at Cornell University, said:

Most women appreciate male partners who are willing to bring them satisfaction. If a female partner feels that a man is working hard to make her feel sexual pleasure, she will do the same to her male partner.

3.Concentrate on yourself.

Michael Perry, a sex therapist in Encino, California, points out that if a man focuses on foreplay before entering the theme, a woman will be keenly aware of it. Therefore, foreplay is important, if you want to know how her legs feel, then touch her legs gently; if her plump buttocks fascinate you, you might as well kiss her buttocks. Michael Perry said: “When a man really throws himself into foreplay, his female partner will be fully mobilized.”

4.Use kisses skillfully.

Sexology experts said that a passionate kiss can make women obtain great erotic satisfaction. Especially when you find that your female partner has lost interest in matters of men and women, kissing is the best way to bring her back. Remember, a passionate kiss does not always mean a deep kiss. Try to kiss her nose, eyes, and forehead with your mouth closed.

5.Do sex push-ups.

Men pose for push-ups, and the female partner gets under him.
This flirting is a good opportunity to show men’s strong abdominal muscles. Michael Perry, a sex therapist, said that this action will make women blush, but at the same time, they can also feel a strong strength and sexual desire of men.

6.Correctly stimulate the clitoris.

The female clitoris is the place where men should concentrate during the foreplay stage, but many men have not mastered the correct way to stimulate the clitoris. Experts point out that direct stimulation of the clitoris will make women feel painful, and a better way is to gently caress the clitoris, and then focus on stimulating the clitoris when the woman enters the state.

7.Don’t ignore the labia.

The labia is full of nerve endings, which is a place that cannot be ignored in foreplay, but it is often overlooked. It can be stimulated by rubbing with all fingers.

8.Whisper in her ear.

While holding her, you can whisper compliments and suggestive statements into her ear, and you can also remind her to relax. You can say, “Baby, don’t worry, I will be with you”, “You should relax now, I love you”, Whatever you say, make sure it is full of sincerity. Women need time to decompress and get out of their hands before being able to open up to enjoy sex fully. Turning her mind on is necessary.

9.Talk dirty.

Dirty conversation can be very effective for getting turned on—it’s an especially good way to initiate foreplay. Not sure where to start? There is no need to think too much. Sometimes the most effective dirty talk can be as simple as exactly what ​you want your partner to do to you in your most seductive voice.

10.Use sex toys.

Sex toys can amplify orgasm, especially when you are intimate with your partner, you can also use them to increase closeness and add a thrill to your bedroom routine. Using a vibrator during foreplay can stimulate a woman’s G-spot and clitoris, but she can enter the state of orgasm sooner.

There is no fixed formula for love, and the same is true for sex

Foreplay is awesome, and both men and women love it. But unlike men, women aren’t naturally ready for sex as soon as it gets started; their physical arousal is a lot more complicated. So a good foreplay time will help her approach the orgasm faster.

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