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5 sex mistakes men make

You can have better sex if you ditch these common mistakes

We want to have an intimate relationship with our partner, but we don’t know many of us to make common mistakes when it comes to sex. So, here are the five biggest sex mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. You go too fast

Some of us consider that penetration is the pinnacle of the sexual experience, so they‘re rushing into it, but this might cause a lot of unnecessary pain and discomfort for your partner.

For women, it generally takes time to be aroused, ready, and lubricated. Without warm-up or foreplay, the hormones in a woman’s body cannot be increased, which will result in a lack of natural lubrication and cannot be fully aroused.

However, spending more time with your partner, holding hands, kissing, hugging, or bathing together have all been shown to promote hormone production.

2. Forget the lube

Lubricants reduce friction and make orgasms easier, but insufficient lubrication can affect women who have difficulty achieving orgasm, unnecessary pain, discomfort, and unpleasant sex.

You can purchase lubricants in advance at pharmacies and online. With the help of lubrication to free up your mind, you can focus on the sex at hand.

3. No communication

Better communication in your relationship will certainly improve your sex life. You need to talk about the bedding, sex positions and games that each of you likes and wants. Also, you should tell your partner what you don’t like.

Positive communication shows that you respect and value your partner and their feelings. When people feel respected and accepted in this way, emotional intimacy soars—and physical intimacy often follows.

4. Not at the right time

After a long and busy day, you are in the mood to have sex with your partner when you get home. Obviously, you want both parties to be in the mood at the same time to get equal pleasure.

Maybe at this time, your partner is taking care of children, doing housework or not in the mood to have sex, so you have to plan out other times for sex.

A good way to ask your partner for sex when you don’t know if she is in the mood is by sending naughty messages related to sexual topics. So you will know if she is in the mood based on her response.

If she does respond to you in a good way, talk to her to figure out when sex work is best for her, and what preparations and surprises she likes.

5. Too focused on orgasm

There are many reasons some people might have difficulty reaching orgasms, such as emotional, health or stress problems. But when orgasm becomes the only focus of sex, you will feel pressured, and enjoy less pleasure.

A good sex session means I was in a passionate and intimate moment with my partner instead of reaching orgasm faster and easier.

The first thing you shouldn’t do is to force yourself too much to reach orgasm. Make it about enjoying touching each other’s body and being present to all your pleasure.

There is still room for improvement

Don’t worry! The point is that we know how to avoid them once we know how men make these common sex mistakes in bed. It is also important to have good communication with your partner so that you can enjoy the best sex every time.

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