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8 Best Sex Toys for Couples

That’ll Make Sex So Much Better

If you’re celebrating your anniversary, using a couple of sex toys at night may be a romantic and great idea. It can make for an exciting addition to the bedroom and increase intimacy for both of you.

Almost any sex toy, from manual dildos to vibrators with different frequencies, can be sex toys for couples, which means that sex toys can provide you with a different experience from foreplay to orgasm.

Here are some tips for choosing sex toys for couples.

HIJUNMI C-Shaped Couple Vibrator

This C-Shaped couple vibrator was designed specifically for couples’ play. The toy has a built-in motor that realizes a 12000 rpm vibrator and ultra-high-speed low-frequency vibrator. You can touch the super slow vibration and the large area of tremor to easily wake up all the cells, it can please you and your partner at the same time.

The thicker part lies directly on the clit, while the other goes inside the vagina—targeting your G-spot and massaging your penetrating partner at the same time.

It has 10 different frequency vibration modes for G-spot stimulation and 10 suck patterns for clitoral/nipples stimulation. You can choose different frequencies according to your state. The frequency from 1 to 10 gradually enters a strong vibration, helping you two to reach orgasm.

HIJUNMI Penis Ring

It is a magical penis ring and one of the most popular couple vibrators.

Penis ring not only helps to extend a man’s stamina but also makes it longer and bigger to give us and our partners dramatically increased pleasure. It can be stretched to fit more sizes. This adjustable part meets more needs for different postures and gives us more sexual pleasure.

With its circular design, this vibrator can not only be used as a vibrating penis ring but also can accurately stimulate the clitoris of women as a couple vibrator. When this penis ring works, it can stimulate the female clitoris. Friction and various types of vibration can enhance each other’s sexual pleasure.

Fitted with 10 stimulation intensities and modes, the powerful motor distributes vibrations evenly and stimulates the penis 360°, and each setting is super strong, which will surely meet the needs of beginners and experienced toy users.

Among the skin-safe silicone and the whole body is waterproof, so it is easy to use soapy water or good toy care liquid/foam clean.

HIJUNMI Vibrating Masturbator

Fitted with brand new 10-segment vibration stimulation, variable frequency mode from low speed to high speed. It also can be an independent vibrator to stimulate the testicle or your partner’s clitoris. The best partner for the foreplay and you can reach the orgasm with its super powerful vibrating modes.

High-frequency vibration exercises can reduce the sensitivity of the glans. At the same time, you can prolong time and improve the quality of sex.

Made of high-quality silicone material without a chemical smell makes it is easier to keep fresh. The elastic design is suitable for penis of various sizes.

OPK Roll Play Foreplay Dice

Craving more foreplay in your life but not sure where to start? These entertaining dices offer endless possibilities. At the same time throwing dice in different combinations, experience a variety of different games.

Roll the 6-sided and 10-sided random dice together to generate up to 60 different adult dice games, whip out these sex dice with your partner and take turns rolling until you’ve done all the combinations.

Hitinight Door Jam Cuffs

If you and your partner want to try playing with bondage but have no idea where to start, these cuffs provide endless possibilities and they’re a pretty decent beginning set of tools.

With simple assembly steps and you can easily use more positions and scenarios, these cuffs make your sex life full of imagination.

Hitinight Sex Wedge Pillow

Sometimes you need to spice up your sex life is a change in position.

OPK inflatable S-curve sexual pillow supports a variety of angles and positions and helps hit the G-spot or the prostate for the feel-good effective sex.

Rabbit Vibrator

If you want penetration and clitoral stimulation during foreplay, a rabbit vibrator is a good option. This one is soft, waterproof, has 12 vibration modes, and offers internal and external stimulation.  From weak to strong, explore the vibration frequency that suits you.

OPK Silicone Cock Ring

A cock ring gives him a stronger, harder erection by sending blood flow to the penis, while the vibrations target your clitoris for extra stimulation. The front of our cock rings has a nubbed section that will rub against your partner’s clit with each thrust driving her wild—perfect for couples!

Sex toys cannot make the relationship better, but couples can experience more passionate sex through them. Using sex toys with your partner can improve communication in the relationship and make you more confident in your sex life.

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