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8 Sex Positions That Women Love

When you are single, the exploration of sex drive, sex positions for girls, and sexual life become one of the topics that girls talk about. When you have an intimate partner, how do you have close physical contact with him? Holding hands, kissing, or having a regular sexual relationship. And when you are married, how to keep fun in bed games between you and your partner, adding to the fun of sex life, or let your partner know how to please you with your favorite sex positions.

No matter which of the above situations you are in, you can learn more about sex positions, which will make your sex life more interesting and let your partner know how to make orgasms faster. Also, new sex positions will definitely encourage you and your partner to be more vulnerable with one another in the bedroom and otherwise. And you’ll find your relationship injected with an extra dose of trust eventually.

The following 8 sex positions that her favorite.

1. Edge of the Bed

The woman perches on the edge of the bed, lifts her legs, pulling her knees towards her chest. The partner entered her from under her legs. Her legs can rest up against his torso, then adjust the most suitable angle to achieve extremely deep penetration. If you are at your best, you may find even more amazing pleasure.

2. Doggy Style

Get on all fours, then have your partner behind you in the same position, with the upper body straight or slightly draped over you. In fact, any change in the posture that enters from behind can be the best choice for stunning women. The point is that this kind of sexual posture can penetrate deeply and stimulate the G spot more easily.

3. Cowgirl

You kneel on it, push your partner’s chest away, and then slide their thighs up and down. You can relieve some of your weight from their pelvis by leaning back and supporting yourself on their thighs. Being dominant in this sexual position can delay the orgasm and enhance the orgasm.

4. Ballet Dancer

Stand facing your partner, lift one foot and wrap it around their waist. If you and your partner are similar in height, that is a face-to-face intimate posture. This sexual posture can ensure a good facial expression and connection time. Women who exercise regularly and practice yoga can be more flexible in this posture.

5. Scoop Me Up

You and your partner can enjoy freely foreplay. When the climax comes, both of you lie on your sides, facing the same direction. Your thighs can be raised slightly so that your partner can slowly slide and enter you from behind. This posture is very comfortable and can be entered quickly, thereby increasing the sense of stimulation.

6. G-Whiz

This is a sex position. You need to raise your legs then your partner’s penis into direct contact with your G-spot. This will narrow your vagina and help align the G-spot. There is no doubt that the purpose of this step is to stimulate your “G-spot”-an area of the vaginal wall. It will give you extra excitement.

7. The Magic Mountain

Get your partner to sit down with his leg bent and leaning back on their hands and forearms. And you do the same and then inch toward them until you make contact. This posture will make you both have more eye contact. You two will look at each other and feel very connected and enhance each other’s feelings.

8. The Chairman

Your partner sits on the edge of the bed with you sitting on their lap and facing away from him. This posture can stimulate your clitoris and is very suitable for stimulating the G-spot, bringing you a wonderful experience. If you want to make it hotter, try to introduce vibrator to stimulate the clitoris at the same time.

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