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Could I Clean the Sex Toys with Alcohol or Hot Water

Using Hot water or alcohol to clean the sex toys may erode your toys even put your health at risk

When we use google to search how to clean sex toys, some people will recommend to use alcohol and hot water to sterilize their sex toys. And only a small number of people will choose professional sex toys detergent to clean their sex toys

Most of bacteria can be killed by boiling water at about 100℃. But many bacteria we do not aware of are still alive. And in this time we need the professional disinfectant to deal with those bacteria. And you’d better know the materials of your sex toy first, before you decide whether to wash it with hot water or alcohol. Some materials are not recommended to use hot water and alcohol to clean it.


ABS is a kind of synthetic resin and a widely used thermoplastic engineering plastic. When the temperatures go above 60 ℃, the molecular structure of the ABS material will change and acrylonitrile will seep out. This substance is highly toxic. In general, in order to make toys more beautiful, a layer of thermoplastic film will be coated on ABS. This film may seep out carcinogens when it comes to high temperature. So it is not recommended to disinfect sex toys with boiled water casually.


TPE, also known as a kind of thermoplastic elastomer, can become very soft and the toys made of TPE can possess real muscle elasticity. Some pocket pussies and cock rings often use this material. Toys made of this material can not be disinfected with hot water, the material will be decayed and would greatly reduce the life of toys and affect your health.

Silica gel

Silica gel has a safe and reliable single molecular structure, which is slightly harder than TPE material. The most important thing is that silicone is the safest of all materials, and it is also the mainstream material in the sex toys market. Silica gel can be scalded and disinfected in boiling water, but I personally recommend that the disinfection time should not exceed two minutes, after all it is a rubber material.

Alcohol is also not recommended

Alcohol possesses corrosive, and long-term use alcohol to clean the sex toys will cause chemical reactions in the materials of your toys. Therefore, I do not recommend using alcohol to disinfect toys.Or you can wash them with clean water asap after using alcohol to disinfect your toys.

Generally, washing the sex toys with running water can rinse off stains in the surface. But as for the invisible bacteria, I strongly recommend to use the professional disinfectant rather than the alcohol or hot water. Sex toys are in close contact with our reproductive organs, we must pay attention to the cleaning.

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