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Do we really need to remove pubic hair?

Let’s figure out if it is more hygienic to remove pubic hair

Pubic hair is one of the second sex characteristics of the human body. In the development of puberty, girls begin to have pubic hair around 11-12 years old, while boys are around 12-15 years old. The growth of pubic hair is one of the signs of our maturity, so do we know the purposes of pubic hair?

Protect the perineum

Besides being a sign of sexual maturity, pubic hair can also play a role in protecting pudenda. The pudendum will be rubbed by moving during sexual life, and pubic hair can help relieve the pain and discomfort caused by rubbing and play a role in protecting the pudendum skin.

Reduce friction

Pubic hair helps reduce friction when certain parts of the body rub against each other or with clothing. Pubic hair also helps relieve friction during sexual intercourse. When considering shaving or waxing to clean the entire area, keep in mind the increased friction that the area must endure.

Protects us from bacteria

It helps prevent your vagina from infections with the following bacteria and other harmful pathogens, such as yeast infections, vaginitis, urinary tract infections, and even sexually transmitted infections.

It diffuses pheromones

Pheromone is odors produced by the body that attracts sexual partners. Although some people have a very strong smell, the smell of others is not so obvious to others. However, due to the density of the pubic hair, the smell may be trapped by the pubic hair.

Adjust body temperature

Hair follicles help to sweat. Every hair follicle has sebaceous glands, which can release oil into the hair so that the oil reaches the surface of the skin. When the oil evaporates, the skin will cool down due to latent heat.

Provide warmth

As we all know, pubic hair can keep the genital area warm and moist, otherwise, your skin will dry out and start chafing due to lack of moisture.

Do people like to keep pubic hair?

In one study, 95% of men and women surveyed by researchers had their pubic hair removed at least once in the past four weeks. Moreover, in a survey, 60% of male respondents said they prefer “hairless” sexual partners.

Why do people like to remove pubic hair?

Their partner’s preference: They may imply or explicit request to groom or remove pubic hair.

Improve satisfaction: One 2019 study of “shave or not shave pubic hair” showed that there is a correlation between the relationship between women and men and sexual satisfaction, and also found that women who reported pubic hair removal had enhanced feelings of femininity.

Personal preference: Some people may prefer the look and feel of having no public hair.

Preparatory activities: Hair removal may be particularly beneficial for oral sex.

Do people know the risks of removing pubic hair?

Quote the answer of Mary Marnach, M.D.

There’s no medical or hygienic reason for removing some or all of your pubic hair. But the removal process can be painful and cause many side effects, including:

Genital itching, sometimes severe
Genital burns from waxing
Abrasions or cuts during shaving or waxing
Stubble, rash, bumps, and ingrown hairs
Bacterial infections
Increased risk of contracting or transmitting viral infections, such as herpes simplex or HPV, due to cuts or skin irritation that make the skin more susceptible
Contact dermatitis from shaving products
Ask a doctor for guidance to help minimize the side effects, if you don’t know what to do.

Several methods of removing pubic hair

There are several ways to try to remove pubic hair safely at home. One needs to use any method they choose carefully to help prevent injury.

Some methods of hair removal at home include:

Shaving: This will remove hair, but it may cause scratches, scratches, itching, or rash.

Waxing: This will remove the hair, but it is painful and may cause bleeding and irritation.

Use chemicals: Depilatory creams can remove pubic hair, but sensitive skin may burn or react seriously to chemicals.

So whether a person removes pubic hair is a personal decision. Some people may prefer to get rid of pubic hair because it will make them feel better about themselves. Others may remove it to feel more attractive to their partners. However, you’d better discuss it with your partner before removing it. Eventually, you make decisions (safely remove pubic hair) by yourself, and you will be happier if you do so.

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