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Face-judger Or Pragmatist?

In recent years, the sex toy industry has experienced a series of transformative shifts. As a result, the market is now characterized by a proliferation of product offerings. To ensure our products distinguish themselves from the mainstream, it is imperative to infuse them with renewed emphasis on both aesthetics and functionality. In order to cater to market trends, after the concerted efforts of various departments, we have successfully launched the following two new products.

The Dolphin will never let any face-judger down

Through extensive market research, we have identified that the prevailing trend in female-oriented sex toys leans towards a cute and relatively minimalist style. After tireless efforts from our designers, we have finalized the appearance of this product as a small dolphin, with color options in light blue or soft pink.

Additionally, we have conducted extensive customer surveys, and a prevailing concern raised was related to hygiene. Many customers tend to perform only a cursory cleaning after using the product, yet express lingering worries about potential bacterial residue. To address this, we have integrated a disinfection base and a dust cover into this product. The disinfection base utilizes blue light ultraviolet disinfection technology, and when used in tandem with the dust cover, it can effectively eradicate 99% of bacteria within 5 minutes.

We also observed that the majority of female-oriented sex toys currently available in the market are single-layered silicone, resulting in a firmer texture and a pronounced mechanical sensation during use. In pursuit of greater authenticity, the Dolphin employs a double-layer silicone process. This not only provides a softer touch but also offers an experience that closely mimics human touch.

And do not be deceived by the product’s adorable appearance, it’s a dolphin rather than a white elephant.

In the realm of practicality, this product truly shines. Nestled within the dolphin’s head lies a remarkable suction function, offering a medley of frequencies at your command. Unlike its counterparts, which often opt for hushed motors to safeguard privacy, the dolphin, owing to its ingenious double-layer silicone craftsmanship, deftly muffles the operational hum. This allows for the inclusion of a robust motor, elevating its capabilities. While standard suction devices may provide a mere handful of frequencies, the dolphin revels in offering ten, inviting a symphony of sensations. And there’s more! At the tip of the tail, a discreetly nestled vibration function comes to life, spurred by its own independent motor. Both the suction and vibration functions can be operated separately, catering to individual preferences.

Thought that was all the dolphin had to offer? The dolphin’s gracefully arched base comes with an added surprise – a heating feature.

Some customers living in colder regions have mentioned that they always check for a heating feature when purchasing a product. However, the primary reason for adding this feature to our product is quite different. Many mothers have experienced the discomfort of blocked milk ducts during breastfeeding, which often requires warm compresses and gentle massage. The curved base of this product conveniently allows for warm compresses on the breast, aiding in relieving these blockages. Additionally, the vibration function at the tail end can also serve a massaging purpose. It’s important to note that the vibration intensity should not be set too high, as overly strong vibrations may cause discomfort.

Pleasure Kit. The Pragmatist’s Delight.

While the appearance of this product may not be flashy, its functionality is unquestionably comprehensive. The kit includes a collar, suction device, nipple clamps, vibrating wand, and anal plug. Among these, either the collar or the suction device is essential, as the other products must be used in conjunction with one of these.

The collar serves as the power source and remote control. It allows for the connection of charging cables for the nipple clamps, vibrator, and anal plug. The buttons on the collar can control the vibration frequency of the other products, each offering ten distinct vibration modes.

The suction device shares the same functions as the collar, but it can simultaneously connect to two products, providing a more intense sensory experience. Building upon the capabilities of the collar, the suction function has been added. Both the suction function and the connected products can operate independently.

The collar can also be adjusted for handheld use, allowing for enjoyment even when alone. The nipple clamps feature added fixing rings, enabling adjustment to any size. Additionally, protective beads at the upper end provide enhanced stimulation and prevent accidental detachment.

Customers have the freedom to mix and match product functions according to their preferences. This kit essentially encompasses all the popular functionalities of mainstream products in the market and allows for versatile combinations.

Thank you for reading

If any customers are interested in our new product, please reach out to us via email. We also welcome readers to contact us to share their thoughts and suggestions for improvement! Thank you for reading!

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