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Factors That Can Affect Penis Size

There is a theory called Schrödinger’s penis. A man’s penis has an accurate length and size. But when it comes to compare with others’, it always bigger and longer than others’. Most of the male have the same experience. When you and your friend go to the toilet together, unwittingly or otherwise you or your friend will steal a glance at each other’s dick. This may sound a little bit gross but it’s very common. They are not interested in what does each other’s dick look like (except the gay situation). Blame it all on Joneses. They are just curious about whose dicks are bigger. And boys are always bluffing about the size of their dick. Since boys are so mindful of the penis’ size. So we are going to discuss about the factors that can affect penis size today.


Same as height and appearance, genetics plays a substantial role in determining penis size. An apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. But family heredity has instability and gene may mutate. Parents with double eyelids may also have children with single eyelids. So do not question your mom just because the size of your penis doesn’t match your dad’s. Just a bad joke. And by the way, the gene here have nothing to do with race. Some black people may be “suffering” from this stereotype. Many researches have showed that there are no racial differences in penis size.

Nutritional status

Yes, nutritional status will affect penis size.

In its simplest form, we all heard about Viagra. Viagra is a kind of medicine that can make your penis bigger for a while. Here I am not going to discuss more details about its other effects. Take too much Viagra is very harmful to your body. So I’m strongly not recommended people to take Viagra. Viagra contains lots of nutrients that penis needs so it can help people’s penis become bigger for a while. But suddenly intake of so many and miscellaneous nutrients is very harmful to human body. Let alone Viagra contains some harmful ingredients. And also many Viagra in the market are homemade.

And some kind of meat and vegetables can improve the nutritional status hormone levels. You can google those kind of food yourself. And eat these kind of foods for a long time can affects penis size. Also do not eat too much such kind of foods, your body can afford it. In my book, we need to exercise more and eat some of these foods in moderation. Do more exercise can help your body absorb these nutrients and improve nutrients status.

Be careful of the diet. If you or your kids are at a age of developing stage, please be careful of what you or your kids are eating. Some food or drink contains too many hormones. The kid’s reproductive system begins to develop around the age of 10. So if the diet of kids under 10 years old contains too many hormones, the reproductive system will begin to develop too early. That will cause precocity. Some parents maybe happy that: Oh, my little boy/girl is much taller than contemporaries. But grow earlier, cease earlier. Normally kids aged 10-22 belong to the growth stage. But precocious kids became to grow at 8 or 9 and stopped growing at around 18. Precocious kids develop 2 years less than normal children and some even 5 years less. As for the kids over 10 years old, appropriate amount of hormones would be great. Kids over 10 year old, their body will produce hormones automatically. Also more exercise with the right diet.

Outside influencing factors

Above factors can be considered as inside influences, and there are some outside influencing factors. Some surgical operations can make your dick “looks” longer. Many hospitals may claim that the operation has little influence on sexual life and the lengthened part is from the penis’ unexposed “tail” which lies between scrotum and anus. Just like pull the hole thing a litter outer. But actually this kind of surgery would cause erectile dis-function. And the most healthy way to make the penis longer is to massage it when it turns on. When having an erection, the whole penis is in a hyperemia state. A soft massage can promote blood circulation and day after day, the penis would grow a litter bit longer. That could take yearly to grow a bit, but here is a short cut–the penis pump. It might a little bit hunt but high efficiency. And the The effect is temporary.

Actually please do not care too much about the penis size, we can’t change the congenital factors but we can do something to complement the “shortcoming”. The skill, stamina, or foreplay etc are all matters. Keep a healthy life style and a balance diet are the best Viagra for male.

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