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Female Vibrators




Female Vibrators FAQs

How to use a female vibrator?

First things first, you’d better get to know your vibrator first if you want to figure out how to use a vibrator. From there, get familiar with the settings on the vibrator. If it is your first time, is to start slow and use a low setting.


This is especially important if you are particularly sensitive down below and if you don’t like surprises, use the vibrator on less sensitive areas of your body first, such as your hand or arm, to get to know the vibes you can expect.


If you want the vibrator to be inserted more smoothly, lube can make the experience more enjoyable because it helps the toy slide on your skin without getting stuck or tugging.

How to clean vibrator?

5 ways to clean female vibrators :


1. Use a cleaning spray
There are cleaning sprays used for sex toys, specially formulated for cleaning toys, and can be safely used for silicone, latex, rubber and so on.


2. Sanitize
To eliminate bacteria it’s necessary to disinfect your toys thoroughly, most silicone, glass, metal, and wooden toys could easily be handled with clean water and mild soap.


3. Boil
Another way to disinfect your favorite toys is to boil them. Before boiling, make sure your toys are waterproof or non-motorized.
Also make sure they are made of silicone, stainless steel, heat-resistant glass or glass. No other materials should be boiled.


4. Wash before storing
After using sex toys, you should always clean them before storing them, and do not put them in a drawer where body fluids are dry. Develop the habit of washing after completion, and store it cleanly in a box or special toy bag specially prepared for it.


5. Wash with mild soap
Do not use any harsh soaps containing harsh chemicals to clean your sex toys. Stick to fragrance-free soap, that way you don’t stand a chance of irritating your vulva.

Will a high powered vibrator cause damage for a female?

There is no empirical evidence that vibrator use can cause a lasting desensitization of the clitoris,’’ Nan Wise, a sex therapist, neuroscientist, and author of “Why Good Sex Matters,” told HuffPost.


Typically, the diminished sensitivity down there, if it happens at all, won’t last long.


Also, according to neurologist M. Asif Taqi, MD, “excessive use of any hand-held tool such as a vibrator can impair sensations. Like many things, the key is to use these vibrators in moderation.”


In fact, stronger vibrators are not more likely to cause damage than lighter and smaller bullet vibrations. The excessive use of the machine is what becomes problematic, not the revolutions per minute of the vibrator.


One thing to note: People who use vibrators frequently may be accustomed to reaching orgasms quickly and reliably, which can lead to unrealistic expectations of other ways of orgasm-such as rubbing the clitoris or during vaginal or oral sex. This is why it is good to change the status by using different ways to routes orgasm so that you do not rely too much on any one way.

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