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How Lingerie Can Boost Foreplay?

Lingerie foreplay that every woman should try

Foreplay is considered any sexual activity before sexual intercourse, and sexy lingerie is like a war robe, it could help in boosting sex appeal as the wearer would look hot and feel great. Improving foreplay with beautiful sexy lingerie will make girls appreciate themselves more and make foreplay more interesting.

Let’s get to know how to use sexy lingerie to improve foreplay.

If you want to initiate

Light some candles, put some music on and there’s nothing like candles and relaxing music to set the scene for all the sexy things.

You have no idea how flattering candlelight is on the skin, go further especially when you wear sexy lingerie. Or blindfold your husband and tease them with different textures things like feathers, scarf, and your kiss.

Bring something mystery into the bedroom

What is great sex without any sense of mystery? The mystery will make your partner full of curiosity, and a quick and easy way to inspire mystery is to put on new sexy lingerie.

Lingerie is quite attractive

When you wear it you feel very sexy, so your behavior will attract the opposite sex. This is a kind of private gift for your lover, with the guarantee of a good time waiting at the end of it.

Tease him throughout the day

Make it a point to tease him throughout the day. Send him sexy messages and a screenshot of your sexy lingerie while he’s at work.  He will keep thinking of you until he sees you at night.

Let him watch you cook

Take off your clothes and put on only an apron. Only wear sexy lingerie to do all the cooking work and no touching is allowed. When we have taken time to put some thought into it, our husbands know that we are anticipating having sex with them. It says to them that we want them and that we’ve been thinking about sex with them.

Give him a body massage

Invite him for a full-body massage, and just as he gets comfortable, drop your pajama to let him know this sensual foreplay is going to be all about the things he likes. Sensual foreplay is a gentle touch, passion, and making your husband feel loved. Even the tough guys like to be admired and pampered by their sexy partner, especially when she is massaging him in sexy lingerie.

Surprise him with sexy lingerie

Put a few underwear on the bed in the morning and ask him which one he likes the most. However, slip on some heels and a little lipstick, and meet him up for dinner. Whisper in his ear that you have nothing under the coat but his favorite lingerie,  he’ll know what you mean from that moment on.

Men never refuse to tease

Lingerie both reveals and conceals our bodies at the same time. But our husbands already know what is hidden, and not being able to see all of them while seeing many other things makes them a little crazy. Teasing him in any way you’d like to try, he will want you right away.

Makes you feel sexy and happy

You need to understand that no matter who you are, or what lifestyle you are used to following your lingerie should make you feel good and happy. Feeling sexy and happy automatically improves your appetite for sex and your arousal levels start to climb.


Talking about what you want during sexy time, maybe not just hot foreplay. It also ensures that you each get what you want and need in bed. Be your best, and your husband will do the same to you.


Using underwear to boost foreplay is just a window to remind people that the importance of foreplay is not only important for men, but for both of you. Not only does it create physical and emotional responses that make sex more exciting, but it also creates an intimate relationship that will not only bring you a lot of happiness but also strengthen the bond between you.

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