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How to Select Toy Kits

Once you have the right information, you’ll be able to find the right sex toy for you.

You can absolutely have your own sex toys if you want, especially when you prioritize pleasure. They help you figure out what feels good and bring you to orgasm. But if you are not sure where to start your sex toy collection, here’s an excellent list from Lendgogo to tell what to put in your sex toy starter kit.

1. Hitinight Silicone Anal Plug Trainer Kit.

Hitinight silicone anal plug trainer kit comes with a curved base that fits smoothly and comfortably between your cheeks. Each plug features a long, tapered shape with a slim, flexible neck and flared base for complete comfort and peace of mind during play.

Perfect for beginners, our kit includes three plugs of increasingly larger size (Small: 3*2.5 Inch, 0.9 oz, Medium: 3.75*3 Inch, 1.8 oz, Large: 5*3.75 Inch, 3.5 oz). Over time, they’ll help relax your sphincter, allowing you to handle objects of all different sizes.

Our anal plugs feature a sleek design for hours of comfortable butt plug training. Stimulating prostate massage for men and women orgasm fast with g-spot stimulation from our butt plug trainer kit. Other than your eager booty, all you’ll need to enjoy your kit to the fullest is a generous helping of water-based anal lubricant.

2.OPK Spiral Rib Textured Penis Sleeve.

When you do the foreplay with your partner, visual pleasure can be got with this stroker. Let your partner play for you, focus completely on the head. And the head of the penis can protrude out from the other end allowing for oral stimulation by your partner.

Designed to provide spiral ribbed textures for exciting internal play and sensual texture for your partner as well as pleasure for yourself.

Restricts blood flow away from the penis, which may offer a longer-lasting, harder erection. The sleeve is easy to wash, only needs keeping under the running water, then dry it in the shadow for the next use.

3.OPK Electric Penis Vacuum Pump Kit Exerciser.

The penis pump is designed to increase the pressure inside the chamber and draw blood into the penis, which helps to engorge the penis beyond your usual size. Comes with 6 suction intensities, you can work your way up to the most intense suction for your desired satisfaction.

The penis vacuum pump exerciser with long and short kits, the long ones can be used as masturbator cups. Pressure up/pressure down/release valve, easy to operate with buttons.

4.Hitinight 3pcs Jeweled Silicone Butt Plug Set.

Upgrade your anal adventures with this stylish three-piece metal butt plug. Its flared base ensures the plug stays in place during gameplay.

Features three pleasing plugs, small, medium and large. Work your way through the three different sizes until you reach your peak pleasure, all while enjoying the sparkling bejeweled base adds glitz to anal play. Comes in three sizes: Large:3.74″x1.5″, Medium:3.35″x1.3″, Small:2.95″x1.1″.

5.Hitinight Sex Bondage BDSM Kit.

This kit is truly great for beginners and those just in need of a wild night on bondage. Lendgogo recommends this beginner-friendly BDSM set, which includes a blindfold, handcuffs, ankle cuffs, bondage series, and tickler. It’s also travel-friendly, so if you ever feel like spicing things up on your trip, you can always bring this in your carry-on.

We are all aware that sex toys are fun and can spice up your bedroom, so we hope you’ll find the right toys and accessories for you and your partner.

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