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Lendgogo Recruitment

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※ Who do we cooperate with?


1.  For influencers: Having a community of followers

Number of fans: 1,000 or more

② Personal Tag:#Sex Blogger,  #Toy Reviewer, #Sexual Wellness Blogger, #lifestyle editor, #Sex and relationships writer, etc.

③ Platform: Twitter, Instagram, Quora, OnlyFans, Pinterest, Reddit, Youtube, Website(Choose any of them)


2. For KOLs: Experts working in the field of sexual health.


※ Task details:


1)  Influencers【Requirements】

① 1 premise: Fully agree with our products, because we need positive reviews. 

② 4 requirements:

  • Post a review within one week after receiving the product
  • With hashtag: #Lendgogo
  • With brand website:
  • Text with product pictures or videos

(Please do not mention or mark other brand companies or products in the post or the title related to your post)


2. KOL【Requirements】

Just send-off.


[After the registration is approved, we will contact you proactively]

【Join as an Affiliate】

  • With long-term cooperation, you can get our newly launched products for free
  • Have Lendgogo exclusive discounts for fans
  • Get commissions for all the products we sell

Registration URL:

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