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Is it safe to use sex toys during pregnancy?

Let’s figure out if we should be worried about using it during pregnancy.

Pregnancy triggers many changes that can affect a woman’s sex drive. A woman may also experience elevated estrogen levels throughout her pregnancy, which leads to increased blood flow and secretions, and may also lead to heightened sexual desire.

Don’t worry, the change of sexual desire during pregnancy is completely normal.

For the upcoming baby, some women will enjoy snuggling with their husbands, some women may need other things to release some strong sexual tension because of pregnancy, but some women find that their sex drive during pregnancy is so high at times, they’re almost always in the mood.

Are sex toys safe to use during pregnancy?

Yes, it’s probably safe to use sex toys during pregnancy, as long as a few guidelines are followed. 

If you have a history of miscarriage or other high-risk factors, your doctor would have told you to avoid sex for the first trimester of pregnancy.

But for most low-risk pregnancies, sex, and the use of sex toys is safe. In fact, these can be good ways to relieve stress, so be assured that even during the insertion process, the toy will not touch your baby as the mucous plug in your cervix safely seals off the uterus and your little one from the outside.

What kind of toys are suitable during pregnancy?

Using a dildo or other clitoral vibrator is more suitable. It is not a good idea to use nipple clamps now as your breasts may be very sensitive.

The safe use of sex toys or dildos is also very important, and it is best to choose softer or lower-strength toys during pregnancy. Also, your cervix and the sensitivity around your genitals increase, so start slowly and avoid excessive force.

Although you like to use sex toys during pregnancy, there are some things you should pay attention to:

Never choose sex toys containing phthalates

Prenatal exposure to phthalates would disrupt the levels of thyroid, sex hormone, and 25-hydroxyvitamin D in pregnant women or offspring, which results in preterm birth, maternal glucose disorders, infant cryptorchidism, infant hypospadias, and so on.

Use toys separately

Do not use sex toys in or around your vagina and also for anal play, make sure to wash them thoroughly before using them near the vaginal area. The bacteria can give you an infection.
Please proceed with caution if you use a backdoor because many pregnant women suffer from hemorrhoids and bleed when pressure is applied with toys or anything else.

Prevent UTIs

The immune system changes during pregnancy, while these immune system changes protect babies, but they also make pregnant women more susceptible to severe reactions from viral illnesses such as malaria.

Also, women are more prone to bladder infections during pregnancy so it’s important to reduce your risk of bacteria entering the urinary tract.

When masturbating or using sex toys, there could be a transfer of fecal matter residue and associated bacteria frontwards, near the urethra. Urinate immediately after sex, which helps flush bacteria from the urethral opening before it enters the bladder.

Keep sex toys clean

Keeping sex toys clean can protect you from most vaginal infections. Because untreated vaginal infections may increase the risk of premature birth. It is difficult for people to find out if they have an infection as many people do not feel any symptoms.

Here are some tips to help you to clean your sex toys:

Disinfect with a disinfectant spray or 75% alcohol wipes to disinfect before use. 

Use body lubes to maintain adequate cleanliness or wear a condom. 

After use, rinse the lubricant inside the appliance with tap water and disinfect it with a disinfectant spray. 100 %silicone dildos or other sex toys can also be cleaned with liquid soap or a toy cleaner and then air-dried. If you have nonvibrating silicone dildos or anal plugs, you can take an added step and boil them in water for up to 3 minutes to sanitize them thoroughly.

Are there times when sex should be avoided?

Your health care provider might recommend avoiding sex if:

If you have unexplained vaginal bleeding
If your water has broken
If your placenta previa (placenta partly or completely covers your cervical opening)
If you’re at risk for premature labor
If your cervix begins to open prematurely (cervical incompetence)

Therefore, it is safe to use sex toys during pregnancy for most women, but you can decide when or whether to use them based on your feelings and physical condition. If there is any bleeding or pain, please stop it, or you can ask a healthcare provider for help, they will always be the best helper and provide you with the most effective help.

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