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New suction structure! New patent!

Want to sell Suction toys but unable to afford the high patent fees? Here is the right place you are looking for!


In recent years, the rose-shaped suction device has sparked a craze in the European and American markets. Its popularity has not only attracted attention within the adult products industry, but has also become a hot topic on social media and online sales platforms. The rose has become a phenomenon-level product for a while, attracting numerous brand manufacturers to emulate and release their own versions. Some market-savvy investors have seized the opportunity, establishing brand companies specializing in adult products, fully catering to this rose market trend.


However, the good times didn’t last. After the patent application for the rose-shaped suction structure was approved, other brand manufacturers who wanted to legally sell products with this suction structure had to pay a high patent fee to the designer every year, significantly increasing the selling cost. At the same time, other brand manufacturers were well aware that if they lost their price advantage, their own rose products would quickly be phased out of the market, and they would have no choice but to pull them off the market. As for the remaining rose products available in the market, after paying the patent fee, their prices skyrocketed, leaving consumers hesitant to make a purchase.

Silver Lining

The market value of such rose products remains high, but the price gap makes it unacceptable for many consumers. Therefore, we have introduced a new suction structure for the rose, eliminating the need for expensive patent fees. It can serve as a substitute product for this rose, regaining market competitiveness! Of course, the adult products market is thriving, having gone through a saturation of various brands bombarding the market with suction roses. Some buyers may inevitably experience aesthetic fatigue. Therefore, we have added a new function to the end of the rose. Perhaps some buyers have become desensitized to products with a rose-like appearance. For this reason, we also have a suction device with a classic design using the new suction structure.

Rose with Retractable/flapping tail

This rose has the same functions at the head as other rose products. It offers ten suction rhythms that can be adjusted according to personal preferences. Our rose comes in two styles: one with a retractable function tail, and the other with a flapping function tail. Both the motor at the head and the one at the tail can operate independently. The retracting/flapping function at the tail also has multiple frequencies, which can be used in conjunction with the suction function at the head, providing simultaneous stimulation to the clitoris and G-spot.

Furthermore, we have improved the flapping function at the tail of the rose. Some customers have previously provided feedback that while the design for G-spot stimulation is clever, there can be some discomfort when using it at higher intensities. Even though the sensation may not be obvious during use, everyone’s sensitivity varies. Some customers prefer a bit more stimulation, while others are more sensitive. After adjusting to the maximum power, they may feel some discomfort. Therefore, we have reduced the whipping amplitude and instead focused on adjusting the flapping frequency, increasing comfort during use.

Classic style suction device

I believe most readers may have recognized this product, though it doesn’t have any standout features in appearance. This is the most classic style of suction device, much like when you mention a vibrating wand, people might think of the classic style AV (adult video) wand. After experiencing various quirky suction products, buyers may inevitably suffer from aesthetic fatigue. Faced with a dazzling array of suction products, some customers may find it difficult to choose. Instead of going with the flow, why not go back to basics? The classic style suction device can also impress buyers.

This product adopts a new suction structure, providing a suction experience no different from mainstream rose-shaped products. In order to accommodate the new suction structure, this product is equipped with a more powerful motor. Consequently, compared to other products, the motor sound may be slightly louder, but it still stays below 50 decibels, equivalent to the volume of normal conversation in a room.


The market trends are constantly changing, and every innovation brings new gains. Readers interested in our product can contact our website’s email for more detailed information. We also welcome all readers to contact us to share their opinions! Thank you for reading!

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