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Sex Dolls




Sex Dolls FAQs

How to use sex doll?

First, you need to unpack and assemble the sex doll, then use tools to carefully cut the tape. Open the box, take out the head and place it well and take out the accessories, attach the head and body together.

Finally, you can place the doll in a position that arouses you, then you penetrate her and continue in the same way you would do with a real girl. The friction and pressure combined will be nothing short of sex with a human partner.

How to clean a sex doll?

Disinfect with a disinfectant spray or disinfect with disinfectant wipes or 75% medical alcohol cotton swabs before and after use. Use body lubes to maintain adequate cleanliness or wear a condom.
After use, rinse the lubricant inside the appliance with tap water and disinfect it with a disinfectant spray. Use disinfecting wipes or 75% alcohol wipes to disinfect the inside. Then wash it in warm water to clean for 2-3 minutes, dry naturally or dry to wipe the inside and surface of the device, and keep it in a dark place.

How to store sex doll?

Here are some storage options for your sex doll:


1. Use sex doll hanging racks
you hang it in a suspended upright posture with no contact on any surface. Because it is made right where the sex dolls are made; in the manufacturer warehouses. This then means they understand the best way for you to store your doll without causing it any harm or defects.


2. For the closet bar suspension
You could detach the head, plant it on the headstand, and put it on a flat area or surface like the table.


3. Use cotton muslin dust bags
You just slide your sex doll into the bag, and store it away appropriately. This is even better because it is all covered up, so you do not expect any surprising embarrassments.

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