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The History of Sex Toys

Sex toys also have splendid history

“I think the world used to be gray, the old picture can prove it.” Some of us may have seen this dry humor joke, and it occurs to me that what should the first sex toy be like. So I looked through some relevant materials and found some thing really funny and astonishing. We have to admit that through the embellishment of time, everything can become so mysterious. Let’s see how “splendid” the history of sex toys can be.

The first dildo

The first dildo in the world was found in Germany’s Hohle Fels cave, and guess what, this dildo was made of a polished silt-stone in 28000 years ago. What’s the meaning of 28000 years ago? In that period, human beings almost only concerned about two things every day, one is how to survive today and anther is will them starve to death today. Mencius says, The desire for food and sex is nature. In my opinion, the sex toys or adult toys are not only “toys”, we should call them “tools” in some degree.

The first vibrator

The first vibrator was invented by the well-known Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt. She ordered her servant to fill a gourd with bees. And when she shook the gourd, the angry bees would scurry around and make the gourd vibrate. In this way a simple vibrator was created. I have to admire her creativity, but I can’t help wondering what if the gourd is break and the bees are escaped. By the way, Cleopatra was killed by a viper, and there is a rumor that the viper was also one of her sex toys. At first I was not convinced, but now knowing that she used bees to make a vibrator, no matter it was rumor or truth, I can only say that I really admire her courage.

The first sex doll

Many guys would think the inventor of sex doll must be a hero or a life savor, but the inventor is many things, but definitely not a hero or savor thing. The name of the inventor is Adolf Hitler. Yes, he is that most notorious Hitler you knew. During World War II, in order to prevent German soldiers from having sex with women of “non Aryan origin” and prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in the Nazi army, Hitler ordered SS commander Himmler to secretly develop a “sex doll” similar to women’s physiological structure. Maybe there are tremendous of people having thought of making a sex doll in history, but Hitler is the first one who actually had done that.

Those are just the tip of the iceberg of the sex toys’ history. Just like food, the desire of sex always play an indispensable role in human history. The ancients need to face with survival problem, in that situation they still need sex toys. And nowadays, we not only need to survive, the worse is we need to live, so why not choose some sex toys to release yourself for a while.

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