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Tips for choosing lingerie for your body

Even if you buy lingerie to surprise your man, it’s you who has to feel good in it first.

Beautiful lingerie is not only to express love for your partner but also for yourself. Wearing sexy lingerie is not just the way of impressing your partner; it is certainly a way of empowering yourself. So if you’re wondering how to choose fitting sexy lingerie but have no idea where to start? Don’t worry! We’re here to help!

Key tips for finding sexy lingerie

Know your options

There are several types of sexy lingerie.

Bodysuit: As a one-piece swimsuit is to a bikini, the bodysuit is to the bra-and-panties set. This item is perfect for special occasions or for layering under outfits.
Corset: Corset has been used for centuries as both lingerie and outerwear to shape and accentuate curves. It can cling to the body and accentuate the figure, giving you an amazing feminine silhouette.
Bustier: A bra top that goes all the way until the belly, drawing attention to the bust.
Bralette: Bras that come without an underwire, often made using lace. These tend to look best on smaller busted women.
Chemise: Chemise usually fits snugly and skim the body, hitting around mid-thigh. Thanks to its dress-like tailoring, the chemise sets off your chest and hips and draws attention to your waist.
See-through Lingerie: It is a light, breathable alternative to other lingerie fabrics like satin and it is also attractive.
Robe: Can be worn short or long, depending on preference. Often comes in luxurious fabrics such as silk and can be worn with a sexy piece underneath, or even on its own!

Look for breathable and soft material

Before buying sexy lingerie, you need to know whether your skin will be allergic to certain materials. If so, you can look for cotton, which is a soft, breathable material to ensure that you are not allergic to your skin.
At the same time, the softness and sexiness of silk are also one of the fabrics worth choosing. We love this fabric for its touchable texture and lightweight. Also, it keeps your body in a state of complete relaxation, high exhilarating, and makes your slumber more comfortable.

Fit your body type

The choice of sexy underwear must be purchased according to your body type because there’s one size that fits everyone. If you are small side, you can choose an underwire half cup bra or a padded one with some lace to make yourself look fuller.
On the other hand, if your figure has beautiful curves, you will want to highlight your curves while diverting attention away from some unattractive parts. Choose a full cup bra to support your breasts while allowing you to flaunt your cleavage.

The occasion

Just like there are different outfits for different occasions, there’s different lingerie for each occasion. For those nights that just want to relax and the look is aesthetic but want less boning and cinching – a cute bodysuit is a perfect alternative for comfort. For your everyday wear, you can invest in some nice bra and underwear sets in neutral colors that go well with all of your outfits.

Does it make your figure more beautiful?

The most critical aspect of any underwear is whether it can set off your figure. You can wear lingerie and look great in it whether you’re athletic or curvy, as long as you choose the right type of lingerie. Great lingerie should highlight your best features and downplay your shortcomings.
However, Choosing lingerie that fits you and makes you hold yourself with confidence because you really feel beautiful and sexy.

Make your choices full of colors

Color is arguably the most direct way to boost your mood and it is a tool we can count on to convey a feeling or idea to others and, perhaps most importantly, to ourselves. A piece of lingerie with your signature power color can subconsciously brighten the prospects of your day.

Red is related to love and luck all over the world.
Yellow conveys a feeling of friendliness, sunshine, and positivity.
Orange makes you feel energetic and exciting.
Green can evoke a positive atmosphere, such as nature, healing, and freshness.
Blue represents stability, peace, and calm.
Purple is a romantic color, from spring shades of violets and lilacs to autumnal lavenders and plums, this jewel tone gets along well with other colors and reliably holds its own.

The most important thing to remember when shopping for lingerie is to have fun. You have to experiment with different colors and see what you like. So be confident, flaunt your stuff and have fun in the process.

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